The Board of Directors are composed of officers that have daily contact with the Foundation. They are responsible for conducting its business, promote its interests, and appoint any special committees to improve its success.

​Carl Winfield, MD
Sports Medicine Physician - Providence Family & Sports Medicine

Elizabeth Shelton, PTA
Physical Therapy Assistant - Spectrum Medical

Blair Bolton
Athletic Training Staff - Spectrum Medical

Dr. Carl Winfield provides an opportunity for the Pittsylvania County and Danville City

Athletes for an evaluation source for Head Injuries and Concussions.

Dr. Carl Winfield is originally from Greensboro,N.C. and received his B.S. degree in Biology

and his M.D. degrees both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He completed

a Family Medicine  residency at US Naval Hospital Charleston. He later completed a Sports  

Medicine Fellowship at University of California at San Diego.

After serving in the US Navy for 10 years, Dr. Winfield served as Team Physician for the Ohio State University Track and Field and Cross Country teams prior to moving to Danville. 

Dr. WInfield is the Medical Director of Providence Family and Sports Medicine. He is board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine.

For More Information, call (434) 791-4110




The support staff are professionals that help the Foundation to continue to grow and be successful in its primary responsibility to provide the best possible Sports Medicine outreach for the local high schools.

The members consist of people that have influences in the Pittsylvania County and Danville schools. This panel is to ensure the success and improvement of the S.P.O.R.T. Foundation. The member are nominated, asked to join, and voted on by the Board of Directors.

Aaron S. Taylor, MS, ATC - President
Director of Sports Medicine Outreach - Spectrum Medical

Tim Torborg, ATC - Vice President
DME Coordinator - Spectrum Medical

Heath Hylton, PTA, LMT Treasurer
Physical Therapy Assistant - Spectrum Medical

Brandon Owen, ATC, CSCS Secretary
Head Athletic Trainer GW High School - Spectrum Medical

Thomas Underwood, ATC Liason
Head Athletic Trainer - Averett University

Providence Family & Sports Medicine

Joe Nicholson, PT 
Director of Physical Therapy - Spectrum Medical

Jonathan Krome, MD
Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon - Spectrum Medical

Mark Austin
Assist. Baseball Coach/Assist. AD - Tunstall High School

Chad Scruggs
Assistant Athletic Director - Gretna High School

Whitney C. Taylor, RN
Registered Nurse / Specializes in Orthopedics & Spine
UNC Health Care - Hillsborough Campus

The S.P.O.R.T. Foundation was established in 2000 by members of Rehabilitation Services of Danville/OSPT as a 501 (c) (03) non-profit organization designed to help and support the five local high schools of Pittsylvania County and Danville Schools and their student–athletes. This Foundation is in honor of Charles “Smitty” Smith, PT that passed away in March 2013.  Smitty had been practicing Physical Therapy and Athletic Training for over 40 years supporting local athletic programs mainly with George Washington High School. The foundation is a way for local professionals to give back to the Pittsylvania County and Danville City student-athletes and offset costs for supplies, coverage, and bracing needs.

 ​In 2007, the Foundation began working in conjunction with Spectrum Medical (formally known as Danville Orthopedic Clinic) and their Sports Medicine Outreach program. Spectrum Medical Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy is now the base of operations for the Foundation. There are two Certified Athletic Trainers on staff that works both in the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation areas of the clinic. One goes out to the four county schools and the other goes out to George Washington High School.  The Foundation has been dedicated to provide available Sports Medicine opportunities and support for: 

  • Chatham High School

  • Dan River High School

  • George Washington High School

  • Gretna High School

  • Tunstall High School  

  • Kids and Pros Organization

  • Various Youth Programs  

Currently, Brandon Owen, ATC is the Certified Athletic Trainer at George Washington High School. Aaron Taylor, MS, ATC and Blair Bolton travels to the four Pittsylvania County High Schools.   


​​​​​Smitty's Plan for  Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Training