The support staff are professionals that help the Foundation to continue to grow and be successful in its primary responsibility to provide the best possible Sports Medicine outreach for the local high schools.

  • Carl Winfield, MD
    Sports Medicine Physician - Providence Family & Sports Medicine​
  • Amber Triplett, ATC
    Staff ATC/Physician Extender - Spectrum Medical​
  • ​​Alison Waymouth, ATC
    PRN Athletic Training Staff - Spectrum Medical​ (Hughes Center)
  • ​​Angela McNeely MS, ATC
    PRN Athletic Training Staff - Spectrum Medical​ (Averett University)


The members consist of people that have influences in the Pittsylvania County and Danville schools. This panel is to ensure the success and improvement of the S.P.O.R.T. Foundation. The member are nominated, asked to join, and voted on by the Board of Directors.

  • ​Cortney Herndon, DPT, COMT
    Director of Physical Therapy - Spectrum Medical

  • Jonathan Krome, MD
    Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon - Spectrum Medical

  • Mark Austin
    Assist. Baseball Coach/Assist. AD - Tunstall High School

  • Chad Scruggs
    Assistant Athletic Director - Gretna High School

The Board of Directors are composed of officers that have daily contact with the Foundation. They are responsible for conducting its business, promote its interests, and appoint any special committees to improve its success.

  • ​Aaron S. Taylor, MS, ATC - President
    Director of Sports Medicine Outreach - Spectrum Medical

  • Tim Torborg, ATC - Vice President
    DME Coordinator - Spectrum Medical

  • Heath Hylton, PTA, LMT - Treasurer
    Physical Therapy Assistant - Spectrum Medical

  • Whitney C. Taylor, RN - Secretary
    Registered Nurse / Specializes in Orthopedics & Spine
    UNC Health Care - Hillsborough Campus

  • Thomas Underwood, ATC - Liason
    Head Athletic Trainer - Averett University

Smitty's Plan for Orthopedic Rehabilitation & Training